Why You Need Paladin's Help Services

There are a number of reasons for supplementing the CCL support services available from Cerner with those offered by Paladin Consulting Group, LLC. However, our service should in no way be construed as competitive with the service provided by Cerner Corporation; rather, it is auxiliary.

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Why not let us help you?

  • Paladin may have a better understanding of your site's operations and history as a result of the custom programming Paladin has performed for its many clients (including, perhaps, your facility).

  • Paladin may be better able to respond to your time needs.

  • Paladin has devoted the past 10+ years to writing CCL programs for clients at over 100 sites and has satisfactorily authored more than 300 programs. Consequently, there's a very good chance that we may have already written the same program (or one very similar) to the one you need.

  • Paladin resources have extensive experience working on the "client-side," providing a clear understanding of the client point-of-view, demands on the client staff and the expectations of users.

  • Paladin has extensive experience combining CCL with other languages (including DCL and Windows languages and applications) to provide a complete and integrated solution to your needs.

  • Paladin's experience as an educator in CCL makes the support function an educational opportunity for your staff as well as one that produces results.