What Paladin Help Offers

It isn't difficult to let us help you. We just need a couple of things.

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Why not let us help you?

Our support service consists of the following:

    1. Telephone and email support and answers for client staff.
    2. Custom programming assistance as required by client staff.
    3. Direction and design for programs as requested by client staff.

How our support service works:

You and Paladin will mutually agree to the number of hours per month you anticipate you will need. Based on our past experience with the average length of calls, we have set our minimum billing increment at 15 minutes. Paladin will apply a rate of $100.00 per hour against this calculation of time.

Paladin will bill you in advance for the period of months mutually agreed upon (3 months, 6 months or 12 months). Paladin will also bill you for out-of-pocket expenses at a rate equal to 10% of the total amount agreed upon. Then, Paladin is available to your staff as individual needs arise.

Paladin will monitor your site’s usage and will alert you if it appears your usage will exceed the projected hours allocated. At that time, you can determine the best remedy from your point-of-view, whether that is to increase the hours per month allocated, to convert one or more projects to special projects to be undertaken by Paladin with individual project quotes and budgets, or to curtail the use of Paladin’s support by your staff.

The Paladin Guarantee

If, at any point during your subscription to Paladin support, you are dissatisfied with the service provided, Paladin will refund to you a pro-rated amount equal to the amount of time not yet used and the amount of reimbursement not yet applied. For example, if you agreed to a 3-month period and, after 2 months, you were dissatisfied with Paladin support, Paladin will refund one-third of your support subscription and one-third of your reimbursement amount.

However, while we are prepared to stand behind this guarantee, we are confident that we will never need to. Our other client experiences are the basis for our confidence.