Person Management

Paladin has written numerous programs and reports for Person Management services over the past 20 years. These programs have been ranged from basic, simple reports to complex reporting systems.

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Why not explore how our knowledge of Person Management services can help you succeed?

Sample Person Management Reports and Programs

  • Multiple Patient Name Lookup Inquiry
  • Daily Census Sorted By Nursing Station
  • Demand Census Activity By Transaction Type
  • Census By Religious Affiliation
  • Pre-Registration Report
  • Census By Financial Class
  • Demand OutPatient Registration Report
  • Inpatient Census By Location
  • Monthly Census Statistics By Age Group, Sex and Medical Service
  • Monthly Census Statistics By Medical Service Within Financial Class
  • Monthly Census Statistics By Medical Service
  • Monthly Census Statistics By Financial Class
  • Final Census By Location
  • Demand Currently Registered OutPatients Registration Report
  • Demand Discharge Roster
  • Custom Census By Transaction Type
  • Trauma Admit and Registration Report
  • ADT Information Query
  • Daily ICD9 Patient Admissions Report
  • Inpatient Readmission Within 31 Days Report
  • Patient Cross-Reference Previous Diagnosis Inquiry