The Standard Paladin Subscription "Help" Service

It isn't difficult to let us help you. We just need a couple of things.

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Why not let us help you?

How our support service works:

Client agrees to pay $300.00 per month for telephone or email "Help" service provided by Paladin and $30.00 per month for out-of-pocket expenses.

PLEASE NOTE: This service should in no way be construed as competitive with the service provided by Cerner Corporation; rather, it is auxiliary.

For this payment, Paladin agrees to provide answers to as many as 15 calls or emails per month (12 at $25.00 each and 3 free).  Or, Paladin will answer fewer calls and spend more time helping with your program code or troubleshooting your programs and systems.

Paladin agrees to make every attempt to provide 24-hour response or faster.

The "Help" service will be limited to programming and systems questions. Custom programming or extensive programming modification will be considered to be "Hourly Consulting" and will be billed at the $125.00 per hour rate.

Paladin will monitor your usage and a new subscription rate will be offered to client if necessary.

Cancellation of the service will require a 90-day notification unless both parties agree to a shorter cancellation notice period.

The Paladin Guarantee

If, at any point during your subscription to Paladin support, you are dissatisfied with the service provided, Paladin will refund to you a pro-rated amount equal to the amount of time not yet used and the amount of reimbursement not yet applied. For example, if you agreed to a 3-month period and, after 2 months, you were dissatisfied with Paladin support, Paladin will refund one-third of your support subscription and one-third of your reimbursement amount.

However, while we are prepared to stand behind this guarantee, we are confident that we will never need to. Our other client experiences are the basis for our confidence.