Paladin has written numerous programs and reports for the Cerner Pharmacy module over the past 20 years. These programs have been ranged from basic, simple reports to complex reporting systems.

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Sample Pharmacy Reports and Programs

  • Clinical information for ceftazadime orders with no pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated
  • Antibiotic Streamlining Report - Positive Culture/No Antibiotic
  • Antibiotic Streamlining Report - Antibiotic Ordered/No Positive Culture
  • Antibiotic Streamlining Report - Patients Receiving Antibiotics With Cultures Reported
  • Clinical information for orders with both iv & oral medications
  • Clinical information for vancomycin orders
  • Renal Function/Creatinine Clearance Report
  • Infectious Disease Report
  • Target Drug Usage Report
  • Dilantin and Tube Feeding Report
  • Patients with Chemotherapy Orders
  • Patients with Tube Feeding Orders
  • Concurrent DUR By Formulary Status
  • TNF Orders Report
  • Retrospective DUR By Formulary Status
  • Patients with Freetext Entry of Allergies
  • PNCF Monthly MEDICAID Patients
  • Active Patients with No Allergies, Height or Weight
  • Patient Medication Profile with Look-Up by Patient Name, Medical Record Number or Financial Number and Billing Information
  • Pharmacy IV Calendar
  • Drug Dispensing Report