Paladin has written numerous programs and reports for the Cerner Profile module over the past 20 years. These programs have ranged from basic, simple reports to complex reporting systems.

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Sample Profile Reports and Programs

  • Tissue Type Report
  • Cross Index Procedure Listing
  • Cross Index Procedure Summary
  • Principal Procedure Summary
  • Demand Inpatient Activity Report By Medical Service
  • Anesthesia Type Report
  • Chart Deficiency Report By Deficiency Code
  • Chart Deficiency Report By Discharge Date
  • Chart Location Status Report
  • Most Common Diagnosis Report
  • Most Common Procedures Report
  • Death Log by Discharge Date
  • Death Register
  • Demand Deficient/Delinquent Charts By Doctor
  • Cross Index Diagnosis Listing
  • Cross Index Diagnosis Summary
  • Demand Cross Index Physician Summary
  • Executive Summary for Inpatients
  • Incomplete Abstracts By Discharge Date
  • Interim Master Patient Index Listing
  • Complete Master Patient Index Listing
  • Medical Records Requiring Coding
  • Medical Record Location By Due Date Status Report
  • Nursing Unit Index
  • Patients by Point-Of-Origin
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