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Billing/Financial Data Extracts
  • Extract of Patient Billing, CDM, Charges and Claims Extract for export to Cleverley System from Cerner Millennium system
  • Billing Transaction Extraction for export to Tea Leaves System from Cerner Millennium system
  • Billing Transactions Extract including CDM codes, Diagnostic codes, Procedures, Revenue and Master Encounter record for export to state hospital association from Cerner Millennium system
Mammography Data
  • All mammography data from Cerner Millennium system
  • Special mammography data extract for ACS study
System Migration
  • Assisted in migrating Classic Cerner platform to Charon archived system
Interface Transaction Monitoring
  • Monitored transactions for outreach laboratory clients to identify collection/delivery failures, accessioning errors, order errors and resulting errors for multiple outreach clients through web-based interface
Histology Automation System
  • Complete Histology Automation System, including requisition, container, cassette and slide labels. Automatically links to Cerner Classic accessioning process and works with cassette and slide printers/etchers. Also, provides customized sequencing of container, cassette and slide labels.