Why Paladin?

Why we think "Paladin" is the perfect name.

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Why not see how Paladin can be your champion?

The Meaning Of Paladin

For any of you old enough to remember television in the late 1950's and early 1960's, you might recall a show called "Have Gun Will Travel," starring Richard Boone as Paladin. Paladin was a "fast gun," a gunfighter-for-hire you could count on in a fight. But he also had a conscience and a clear sense of right and wrong. Well, that's how we like to think of ourselves (although we prefer virtual travel).

Now, for those of you who are really interested, here's a little history of the word "paladin." It is generally held to be derived from "palatine" as in the "Palatine Guards," an elite group of soldiers in early Rome. From there, we next see it used in Middle French as "paladin" to refer to Charlemagne's elite knights (including Roland, famous in legend for his horn and his refusal to blow it to save himself when doing so would have imperiled Charlemagne). From this point on, "paladin" becomes a generic term for any "knight errant" on a noble quest, hence its use for the character in "Have Gun Will Travel."

And now, you probably know a lot more about "paladin" than you ever dreamed you wanted to know.

So, why Paladin? In short, choose Paladin for what we can do for you, how well we can do it and the way in which we will do it. We don't blow our own horns much, but you can count on us to be your "champion."