Blood Bank

Paladin has written numerous Blood Bank reports and programs over the past 20 years. These have been ranged from basic, simple reports to complex reporting systems.

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Why not explore how our knowledge of the Blood Bank process can help you succeed?

Blood Utilization Review

A complete database-driven system that interfaces with Cerner’s Blood Bank databases to provide a fully automated Blood Utilization Review System.

Other Sample Blood Bank reports

  • Product Received Report
  • Transfused Products Report
  • Dispensed Products Location Analysis Report
  • Units Ordered By Physician Monthly Report
  • Monthly Transfused Patients Report
  • Unreserved Units Report
  • Autologous Units Report
  • Blood Bank Productivity Report
  • Type and Screen vs. Crossmatch Ratio Report
  • Crossmatch/Transfused Ratio Report
  • Reserved Autologous and Directed Units Report
  • Directed Units Report
  • Alternate Unit Number Look-Up When Lab Unit Number Is Unknown
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